These settings are required for IE Browser (For XP Operating system IE 6.0.2900 Version)


Click on start Button and select Program files and select Internet Explore and click on Tools Select Internet Options Choose the security Tab and select Internet

Click on Custom Level (Alt + C)


Step 1

Select Tools Internet Options



Step 2


Select Security Tab


Step 3

Select Internet and click on Custom Level Button


Step 4

Chouse all radio buttons / Check boxes same as below screen












Step 5

Click On Yes Button


Step 6

Click On OK Button



Step 7

Select Trusted sites and click on sites



select Add button



Step 8

Select Custom Level and select options like Below
















Step 9

Click On Ok and Yes Button


Step 10


Turn off POPUP Blocker same as Below Screen shot




Step 11:

Select Tools compatibility view setting




Step 12:

Click on Add Button and close


Step 13:


Remove unnecessary Toolbars


Finally Once Close the Internet Explorer and Reopen software URL.