Flow XP-IE Settings 
User Name: 
Top Priority List of Tasks to be Done :
Location Deliveries to be Updated InBound Manifest to be Received Outbound Manifest to be Prepared DRS to be Prepared
Coimbatore 0 8 0 1
Bangalore 0 0 0 2

*Note : Before Login, please make sure the following Internet Explorer Browser settings are completed.
1. Please use Internet Explorer 8.0 version Browser.
2. Best viewed at 1024X768 resolution with Internet Explorer (default settings,Turn off popup blocks).
3. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security, Select Trusted sites then press Site... button and Press Add button to Add into Web sites.
4. Go to Tools, Internet Options, Select 'Compatibility View' Button to support all the Versions.
5. Go to Tools, Pop Up Blocker, Select to 'Turn Off Pop Up Blocker'.
6. In case of any query, feel free to contact our support staff.
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